Schedule: Spring 2024


All tutoring sessions will be conducted at the same time weekly

  • Tuesdays 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm @ Hart 1150
  • See calendar or instagram (@tbp.ca.lambda) for updates

Any time changes or updates will be emailed through our listserv. If you wish to receive a separate email, please send an email to Kushagra Tiwari at ucdtbp.tutoring@gmail.com.


As part of their requirements, members of Tau Beta Pi offer their knowledge and expertise in lower-division mathematics and engineering courses to help other students during tutoring sessions. Depending on when our members sign up, there may be an emphasis on a specific area of engineering on a certain day. All members have strong skills in math. The tutoring sessions are free and informal; no appointment is necessary. Just drop by and ask for help. 

Typical courses tutored:

  • ENG 6, ENG 17, ENG 35, ENG 45
  • PHY 9ABC
  • MAT 21 & 22 series
  • CHE 2 series
  • and others by request!

We are also conducting resume and CV reviews during tutoring sessions.

If you have any special requests for tutoring help, such as upper-division engineering courses, major-specific courses, or GE courses, please contact our Tutoring Chair, Kushagra Tiwari, at ucdtbp.tutoring@gmail.com.  Additionally, if you have any feedback, comments, or questions about the TBP tutoring program, please email us using the email above.

Additional resources:

  • Chevron Tutoring Program: MAE department, and they cover ENG 102 (Dynamics), ENG 103 (Fluid Mechanics), ENG 105 (Thermodynamics), and EME 106 (Thermo-Fluid Dynamics)
  • Student Academic Success Center: UC Davis, and they cover BIS 101-105, CHE 8 & 118, and other less engineering based subjects
  • Computer Science Club: Campus Club, and they hold drop-in hours as well as request via email
  • STEM Cafe (formally Math Cafe): Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC), and they offer free Math and Chemistry tutoring at both lower and upper division levels
  • Calc Room: Math Department, for MAT 16/17 and 21 series and open for most of the afternoon on weekdays.
  • Residence Hall Tutoring: Segundo, Tercero, and Cuarto; writing, math, and chemistry are typically covered.
  • Students Tutoring Students: Free tutoring by UC Davis students, organized through Facebook

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